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The company is owned by George Dollowitch. Established in 1971. 

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"So I bought my first dump truck, a ’52 LT Mack, for hauling Rip rap to build a structure to protect land my father owned. I used my father’s old D4 to place the rocks.  (The structure is still in placing today by the way, no repairs yet over all the years.) I kept busy on weekends till graduating school hauling sawdust for people's gardens from a local saw mill, and doing small cat projects".   
"Once out, I graduated to a better truck and over the next 10 yrs. found work for different construction companies around western Oregon, mostly highway construction and logging road construction, watching and working on many different excavating projects, gathering experience and operating different equipment at every possible chance.  By the mid 80’s, we began to add more residential excavation services which has now become the largest portion of our work. Along the way we have accumulated a variety of excavation equipment which gives us the ability to offer many types of services to our clients".

"I always loved heavy equipment and was around it growing up. I was still in college when my dad had a project he needed done. I talked him into letting me do it for him".