Septic Systems

We have been installing septic systems for over 20 years.  We are DEQ licensed and bonded.

We install systems from the standard tank & drain field to Sand filters, ATT’s, capping fills, curtain drains, and the more complex. Residential or commercial applications.

Our first septic system project was for the US Coast Guard installing a sand filter and drain field. The specifications were daunting but we did fine.  Since then we have developed a solid reputation with the county sanitarians, have developed our sources for pumps, controls and supply materials needed, and enjoy great service and lasting relationships with our suppliers.

Not all lots are created equal, and not all lots have the soil conditions to support an approval, and sometimes a lot is obviously not suitable for approval of a septic system. If that is the case, we would not recommend spending the money on the application. All may not be lost with a denial though. There are options available that should be exhausted before giving up.   We’ve gotten a bit of a reputation I hear from partnering with quite a few realtors over the years to find a solution for questionable lots.  

Site Evaluations

A simple site evaluation consists of looking at the topography of a lot, determining where a house, driveway and drain field would most likely fit best.  A minimum of 2 test holes are dug, an application and plot plan are completed, then both are submitted to the County sanitarian who will do the evaluation.  

Septic system installation

There are a number of different types of septic systems approved for use in Oregon. The County sanitarian determines the appropriate system based on the site evaluation.  Systems include: septic tank w/ gravity discharge to a standard drain field, Pressure distribution, Equal distribution,  Serial  distribution, Graveless drain field, Capping fills, Sand filters and ATT's. 

The pictures show the building of a standard sand filter a gravity drain field and 2 different ATT installations. . Sand filters and ATT's are known as pre-treatment  units that precede a drain field disposal area..

Beginning of a 10 x 36 sand filter w/ pond liner, pump basin and under drain installed

 Under drain media installed

2' sand filter sand installed

Pressure manifold and clean outs installed, ready for test

Installing Orenco AX20 unit w/ tank and pump basin this is an ATT unit

Installing drain field using infiltrator chambers

Commercial ATT installation. 3 tank &  3 AX20 pod system