Your excavator is usually the first one on site for a project, and their planning and execution sets the stage for efficient flow for all the trades who follow. There are many things that need to be considered for a site excavation to flow smoothly.   Preparation before the dig is essential, and sometimes even before a final design can be made.

Site preparation

Residential  and Commercial

Rural lots must have an approved septic system and installation permit before building permits can be issued.  We help with getting a site evaluation completed, do system design and optimal configuration, draw the septic plot plan needed for the septic construction permit and architect, and complete the application for septic permit for the owner.

Next is considering the logistics of the excavation for ease of flow for the different trades and stages.  We consider layout and how to approach the dig. What are the soil conditions?  Is the site wet or dry? What season is it, are we expecting dry conditions? How steep is the terrain? What equipment is best suited to do the project? How much material is needed on site for backfill and where to stockpile it that will not interfere with the work flow? How much must be exported? What utilities are needed? Where will they be coming from and what is the best trench route? What is needed for drainage? What materials are needed to construct a solid driveway? 

Over the years and many excavations, we have garnered the experience to get a project off to a good start and keep it flowing to completion.

Bare lot prior to home site preparation

Same lot.  Driveway constructed

Same lot cleared, duff and organics excavated  and exported, back fill stored around parameter, We constructed a raised pad of rock W/ compaction, for footings. The site had no drainage.

Pad for commercial manufacturing business.

House site and driveway sub-grade

We handle all your site work needs, from initial clearing, lay out, dig out, footing drains, rain drains, underground services, back fill  drainage and roadways.

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